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I'm a designer, art director, writer, and illustrator—in that order.  But I'm also a painter, a singer, a consultant, and a thinker.

My portfolio is varied, and I’ve had the privilege of working with a huge variety of clients, helping them present themselves in the very best way. That’s fun.

As a creative person, I believe in a beautiful life, and in sharing. I have a bachelor of fine arts degree from Florida State University and a master of arts from Syracuse University, but that was just the beginning of my education. I am a step-parent to three wonderful young adults. I travel for fun. I have deep Southern roots—Florida and Alabama—and a passion for the Pacific Northwest. I find well-rounded people to be fascinating, and I very much want to be like them.

But enough about me. Look around and see some of my work. I hope you like it. If I can help you, please let me know.

—David Sims

Please consider helping this incredible organization.

Please consider helping this incredible organization.